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Bill Melendez , MBA
Bill has over eleven years in executive management and leadership within the world ' s largest organization, the United States Army. He has experience in startups and business development, having started his own company and later was on ground floor with a startup radio manufacturing company
within the utility industry. His executive training includes working as
executive staff for both one star and two star generals within the project management environments that required experience in policy and decision development, public relations, and interfacing with other high ranking officials.

While in the military, Bill successfully commanded two separate companies with total assets over $90 million and personnel numbering over 400 men and women. After his military tour, he was General Manager and Senior Engineer at a television station which provided insight into marketing, television advertising and PR.

Bill has over 10 years in Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technologies and multi-housing sub-metering application experience along with fifteen years in mobile and fixed radio systems. He brings a wealth of experience in digital radio from his years working at Nortel PCS Wireless and from his implementing and operating fixed and mobile tactical communications systems as a communications electronics officer in the US Army Signal Corps.

He was contracted to design an energy management mesh network product for a Southern California Edison (SCE) project in the county of Los Angeles along with a future design and manufacturing of an energy meter for the same company. During his contract period, he had the title of Vice President, Product Development within the company manufacturing the mesh network for SCE. He was actively involved in OpenAMI and various CPUC task forces on AMI standards.

Bill is an avid contributor to the smart grid/smart meter forums, has published articles in Metering International Magazine and EnergyCentral Newsletter and is an author to various whitepapers on smart grid and AMI/HAN systems.

Bill currently holds an MBA in Management and Marketing from the University of Maryland and has an equivalency degree of an Associate in Electronics Technology/Engineering through Navy and Marine Corps avionics electronics schools. Bill graduated from Lee University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Administration.
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