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Bill Melendez

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I am constantly intrigued by the various camps that espouse their unique technologies as being the next global standard in the Internet of Things (IoT) or in home automation. Quite frankly, there are no set standards in the mindset of the average consumer. Consumers, by and large, do not quibble over technologies or standards except [...]

Smart Appliances may not see the light of day anytime soon…

A recent Park Associate report, “Consumer Attitudes and the Benefits of Smart Grid Technologies,” stated that the market for smart appliances will evolve slowly for the following reasons:
• Consumers are unlikely to replace existing appliances with smart appliances
until existing appliances fail or become too expensive to maintain
• The premium most consumers are willing to pay [...]

Energy Efficiencies in a Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

I have always been intrigued by smart home concepts and technologies that seemingly make life easier for consumers. My view is that a smart home would actually be smart in its efforts to curtail energy waste and reduce cost to the homeowner.

The industry as a whole looks at load shedding, dynamic pricing, Time of [...]

Is Consumer Education on Energy Savings What it Really Aught To Be?

All the recent discussions among professionals on providing “energy information” to consumers are interesting and give a perspective of how industry individuals see the issues. Whether too much information or just enough information will cause behavior changes in how we use electricity is not so much a concern when stack against the idea of NO [...]

Are Consumers Ready for a Social Network in Home Energy Management (HEM)?

Keeping consumers informed may address some of the issues relating to utility smart meter rollout but doesn’t really deal with, as so aptly stated in Kate Rowland’s article “Are consumers ready for the smart grid?” (Intelligent Utility, December 28, 2009), the psychological factors. We still wrestle with understanding consumer motivation and want. We don’t really [...]

Trends in Consumer Electricity Use: Will the smart meter migrate into homes and building EMS as a subpart?

Next year will be a critical year for metering companies as the trends show a progressive split between the utilities and the energy consumer in home energy management systems (EMS). While the utilities are content to use communicable thermostats as a “control” mechanism in demand response programs, the world of energy management and home automation [...]